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Backend Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023
About Us

UpLink is founded on the belief that connectivity is a human right, an enabler of growth, and an equalizer of opportunities. We envision a world where the Internet is more accessible, inclusive, and affordable.

UpLink is building a decentralized telco, tokenizing connectivity. We empower people to act as service providers and incentivize them to spread The Collective Network farther, faster, and cheaper. In return, UpLinkers are rewarded with ULX tokens and support the rapidly growing IoT market, unlocking new business opportunities.

We are looking for a backend developer to expand our ambitious engineering team. As a backend developer, you will develop and maintain the server side of websites and web applications. You’ll be required to design, implement, test, and document APIs, as well as write the server-side logic of these applications. This includes server-side scripting, database management, and interprocess communications, to mention a few.


  • Design, implement, and test APIs
  • Write functional logic for a wide variety of cases
  • Design, implement, and maintain databases
  • Structure software to respond to high scalability requirements
  • Manage interprocess communications
  • Design, implement, test, and maintain security processes and techniques
  • Design data models according to requirements and in collaboration with the team
  • Provide best guarantees of uptime


  • Experienced with Open Source Software
  • Living in a timezone within four hours of WET/GMT
  • Availability to travel
  • Four years of experience in computer programming in a similar role
  • Four years of experience with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Four years of experience in Node.js and Express
  • Demonstrated experience with REST principles and experienced with API design
  • Fluent with database concepts and at least one database engine
  • Knowledgeable of security concepts and techniques
  • Experienced with distributed systems and interprocess communication
  • Basic understanding of PaaS solutions, such as Docker
  • Understanding of coding best practices and standards